Biogel Memory

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Biogel Memory

It is a thermosensitive, viscoelastic, open cells product. The biogel network makes it perfectly breathable and refreshing and it reduces the absorption of body heat. The mix between nature and technology ensures an exceptional comfort, adapting to every need and reacting to heat and pressure.

It supports the cervical area in order to guarantee a best  support of the neck, avoiding contraction and favouring circulation.

Its specification are: long lasting, non-toxic, breathability, inalterabilty that make the most  suitable  product for an absolute healthy and natural rest. It has a low conductivity in electrostatic and electromagnetic discharge because it is devoid of metallic substances. It is particularly recommended for those who suffer from cervical pains.

Antibacterial external cover. (70 x 42 cm – h 13 cm;  27916in  x  161732in  – height  518in ).

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